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What not to do if you want a date Asian women online

It appears that a lot of guys are looking to get a date with Asian women online these days: many Asian women are beautiful, fun, smart and interesting, and they have a wonderfully rich culture that many men find fascinating.

Here are some things to avoid saying and doing if you want to actually get a date with Asian women online – or any women, for that matter!

  • Saying you really only like Asian women. A good way to seem as creepy as possible is to declare your desire to exclusively date Asian women and to list all the reasons why. We know that a lot of guys have preferences, but you don’t have to advertise it or she might think that’s the only reason you’re interested.
  • Stating why you think white men are better than Asian guys. While it is true that many Asian girls enjoy dating white men, they might not think that they are better than their Asian counterparts. Stay away from racial profiling and stereotyping.
  • Declaring that you know what all Asian women want. When did you become an expert on what Asian women want? Online dating affords you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of women, so try to learn about each one as an individual and hopefully find a meaningful relationship.
  • Asking insulting or obnoxious questions. It is never a good idea to use your online dating profile to make fun of someone or ask outlandish questions. Don’t be that guy who has a “friend” who told him all these wild tales of the East.

When you find someone you might be interested in, let her know, but be sure to do it in a kind, respectful way. After all, you want her to do the same for you, right? Good luck!

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