Winning the hearts of Chinese women

There is no doubt that American men and Chinese women come from very different cultures, and we all know that dating someone from a different culture isn’t always easy, especially when one of the cultures is steeped in tradition.  In China, many women are traditionalists at heart, even if they live a very modern life.

chinese women

Here are some basic tips for dating Chinese women. Hopefully this advice will help you win her heart!

  • Personal hygiene is important.  Chinese women are often likened to porcelain dolls on account of their fair skin and neat appearance.  Personal hygiene is essential.  When spending time with a Chinese lady, be sure to be as clean and groomed as possible.  This is something that every woman will appreciate.
  • Punctuality is important.  In China, time is important and punctuality is often seen as a sign of respect.  Arrive about five minutes earlier than expected so that no one is left waiting on you.
  • Gifts are important.  While you don’t have to bring gifts on each and every date, Chinese women love to be pampered and showered with love and affection.  Again, this is something that is true of many women.  Go for something simple, like a single long-stemmed rose every once in a while, and you’re sure to make an impression.
  • Conversation is important.  Conversation is important, especially for the first date.  Ask her things about herself and get to know her better.  Go ahead and do a little research on Chinese culture to show you appreciate her heritage and are interested in learning more.

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